May 25, 2005

War Crime at Dashte-e-Leili

Killing of uncoscious and seriously wounded prisoners at Dashte-e-Leili

At Dasht-e-Leili , seriously injured and unconscious 500-600 Taliban prisoners and foreign fighters were killed by shooting , their hands were bound ; the evidence in Prosecution document Ex�1 not been contradicted ; it is established that there were 30 to 40 US soldiers present who observed the shooting and execution of these prisoners ; this evidence conclusively proves that the Defendant as Commander-in-Chief of US forces , was guilty for the execution of prisoners of war at Dashte-e-Leili who had surrendered and were seriously injured and that US soldier were present when the shooting took place ; against all rules and norms of warfare of the Geneva Convention (III ) of 1949 and the Additional Protocol I of 1977"

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