May 31, 2005

Washington Post Confirms Felt Was 'Deep Throat'

We can only hope that the raising of the subject of whether a government employee's (or anyone for that matter) duty is to the president first or rather to the country, will compell someone whithin the Bush admin. to come forward with the cancer to the nation that is represented by the neocons.

Washington Post Confirms Felt Was 'Deep Throat
Woodward, Bernstein and Bradlee Reveal Former FBI Official as Secret Watergate Source

By William Branigin and David Von Drehle
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, May 31, 2005; 6:33 PM

The Washington Post today confirmed that W. Mark Felt, a former number-two official at the FBI, was 'Deep Throat,' the secretive source who provided information that helped unravel the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s and contributed to the resignation of president Richard M. Nixon.

The confirmation came from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the two Washington Post reporters who broke the Watergate story, and their former top editor, Benjamin C. Bradlee. The three spoke after Felt's family and Vanity Fair magazine identified the 91-year-old Felt, now a retiree in California, as the long-anonymous source who provided crucial guidance for some of the newspaper's groundbreaking Watergate stories."

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