Jun. 4, 2005

'Team Jesus Christ'

It's things like this that make a person wonder why the "Doomsday Clock" has disappeared from the public eye in recent years. After all, it is more relevant than it has ever been. The communists were at least rational. Religious zealots operate on "faith";meaning they need no proof of anything to start a war. As such, there is nothing more dangerous than having religious zealots with their finger on the nuclear button. The murderous actions of Osama bin Laden are proof of the extent zealots will go too. Why on earth would anyone tolerate those type of people in the White House.

"Be afraid. Be very afraid"


'Team Jesus Christ'
Saturday, June 4, 2005

THE REPORTS OF the religious climate at the Air Force Academy are unsettling: A chaplain instructs cadets to try to convert classmates by warning that they 'will burn in the fires of hell' if they do not accept Christ. During basic training, freshman cadets who decline to attend after-dinner chapel are marched back to their dormitories in 'heathen flights' organized by upperclassmen. A Jewish student is taunted as a Christ killer and told that the Holocaust was the just punishment for that offense. The academy's head football coach posts a banner in the locker room that proclaims, 'I am a Christian first and last. . . . I am a member of Team Jesus Christ.'"

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