Jun. 28, 2005

Communique from the Iraqi Resistance (Unedited)

The Mujahideen Central Command (MCC)
The Republic Of Iraq

To The Great Iraqi People,

To the Mujahideen, Resistors, & fighters of the great Iraqi People

After our salute,

In the name of all the factions that fight under our command, we declare to you, that we did not in the past present or the future, and will not sit on the negotiating table with the American Occupation forces or war criminal representatives. We also declare: That we did not conduct any negotiations with any person, party or group which either came with the occupying forces or claims to represent the vision of the Iraqi people.

This is yet another game that the enemy plays to deceive his people into submission after they discovered his lies, also to try and create wedges between the Iraqi resistance, Which also shows how much they really know about what kind of people are fighting them.

Rafidan the political committee has issued release No. 12 to explain to our people the reasons behind this new game. Especially the latest claims by the occupiers and their puppets, of them negotiating with us or the Mujahideen Army, The Islamic Army of Iraq, or any of our fifteen factions.

We do not negotiate with criminals and bush must realize that he is defeated in Iraq, and there is no more margin for his maneuver and we will bring to trial all the war criminals and traitors and bring punishment to those who betrayed the religion, nation and people.

We also confirm that an operation was to be carried out to assassinate the so called Iraqi minister of Electricity, A minister to a ministry and nation without electricity;. The traitor, Ayham Al Samaraie, unfortunately the operation failed due to a technical problem.

We will get him the next time!


One has to wonder if the technical problem was an electricall one


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