Jun. 30, 2005

Iraqi Resistance Communiqué: Bush……..Why the Hurry?!?!

Iraqi Resistance Replies To Bush Speech: Sets Terms For U.S. Surrender Bush……..Why the Hurry?!?! 06/29/05 Rafidan-The Political Committee The Mujahideen Central Command (MCC) Baghdad- The Republic of Iraq Release No. 14 Title: Bush……..Why the Hurry?!?! Peace to you by the Grace of God, We solute the dear resistance factions and May god be your protector. The War Criminal Rumsfield has spoken of lies when he claimed negotiations, for he today curls in Pain. We Rafidan, represent part of the resistance factions, confirm only to reinforce a driven nail in this war criminal's head, that there is no such word 'negotiation' in our political agenda. We have a phrase though, that calls to fight the invaders till their defeat, & war criminals are to be brought to justice, Iraq is to be compensated for the losses, & revenge must be taken from all those who supported the sanctions & the annihilation of the Iraqi people & their army. Let us all ask ourselves, why Rumsfield, Rice, & Blair, reiterated this lie in a synchronized manner! Before Two Years, Bush: - Declares war on us, & the congress rejoices, the congress rises and falls seven times to express their support to this tyrant. - He acquired media statistics that declare 85% support from his people who are waiting for Iraq to be annihilated from this planet. (Today, we know where he got his figures!) - This tyrant issued many laws which reduce freedom & all were silent! - He insults the U.N. & governments till they recited his prayers and submitted to his will in support of his so called war on terror. - He cried for the innocent lives taken on 9/11, everyone believed him, despite all the evidence that the stunt was prepared by his CIA and the Zionists and patsies. Where is Bush Today? - The congress shouts, where are the WMDs? Why did we lose 2000 of our soldiers and 12,000 injured as admitted by the"

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