Sep. 19, 2005

Croatian Government is behind the terrorist attack on British embassy

In Zagreb County jail there is Faton Zeqiri, citizen of Bosnia and Hercegovina,and has been there for two years now. In co-operation with croatian intelligence officers, bosnian and american intelligence services, he took part in destruction of islamic terrorist and extreme net in Bosnia and Hrcegovina. Zegiri has been extradited to Croatia at the begining of 2004., after the articles about ½Ostojiæ group and operations led in Bosnia and Hercegovina, written by Domagoj Margetiæ in Croatian letter. Zeqiri was then claiming and prooving how he got the list of all the islamic extreme intelligence officers in Bosnia and Hercegovina and gave it to american and croatian intelligence officers and that he gave the list of Al-Qaida members to american intelligence officers in Tuzla. Then it all seemed like a big prank. However, the arguments and datas that Zeqiri has should concider our authorities and international community. Nevertheless in Zagreb County prison with Zeqiri talked investigators of Mladen Bajiæ and State Attorney s Office and offered him to be silent about secret operatons in Bosnia an Hercegovina and in return promised him not to prosecute him for crimes he did in Croatia. Furthermore , Zeqiri was extradited from Central jail in Sarajevo where they tried to eliminate him couple of times. Complexity of that action also proves the fact that extradition of Zeqiri was held in big secrecy, was coordinated by two croatian ministers and Zeqiri was brought in Croatia by american army forces in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Why, on the other hand is Croatian government hiding that witness and is not allowing him to testify about islamic,terrorist instalations in Bosnia and Hercegovina? Government,for sure, has datas which Zeqiri gave them from jail. They decided the public. Maybe now, Sanader will have to explain his british partners that he might have prevent terrorist attack on british embassy in Zagreb. Instead of declaring that there is a witness who could have revealed islamic terrorist net, Sanader decided for new prank – that the bomb was act of supporters of Ante Gotovina. This last madness of Croatian prime minister sounds really rediculous and pathetic even to the biggest political naives, who are still supporting him. And I woul like to turn the ball on the other side. It is certain that a week ago on 29 of September Sanader has been told that Croatia will not enter EU. This incident with the bomb came in the best moment for Sanader to explain his personal failure. So, who are the anonymous Bombers is the question that shuold be appointed to Sanader. It is obvous that Sanader wiil profit most of this bombing operation. On September 29 th EU will give him no answer again for croatian membership. So if nothing happened, this new failure to enter EU wuold be his own responsibility and that, of course would leade into serious parlamenary crises. With this incident he profited the most. Now he ll say to Europe that there will be extremist s bombists all around Croatia if you refuse our membership now, and on the other hand when no answer from EU comes in the next few days, he ll sax that extremists are guilty foe his european failure. And in his sick political theory he wins any case. It is the unseene precedane that the prime minister of one country makes public statement that his fellows country men are responsible for such terrorist act. This truely could be the political end of such short and pittyfull political career of Ivo Sanader. Domagoj Margetic, Zagreb

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