Sep. 18, 2005

Ethnic Cleansing and Katrina

Subject: Ethnic Cleansing and Katrina: A Shrub Has Sprouted and is Growing by Bushels: A Webliography

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Jackl said...

Good work, David!

Well, doesn't that seem to provide some substance to my earlier raves that the botched FEMA emergency response and lack of caring about the poor residents might have been completely intentional (with some additional insights that the otherwise unfathomable delays and lack of coordination might have been the result of the state/city initially scuffling over the fed's proposed martial law style military takeover as ultimately occurred).

Yeah, if those poor people were intentionally permanently displaced from NOLA and dispersed through the southwest and their land reclaimed for gentrified redevelopment and floodbreaks, through hastily granted no-bid contracts w/ Halliburton, KBR, Bechtel and the like, similar to the Iraqi Provisional Authority, that couldn't seem too out of keeping with BushCo SOP, would it? (Not that ethnic cleansing isn't an unprecedented phenomenon in American history...just ask any Cherokee or Sioux descendent).
I particularly liked the long list of all the other aid FEMA kept trying to screw up, similar to the other stories about the Al Gore medivac mission that Jules posted about earlier and the church camp in Oklahoma link I posted a few hours ago.