Sep. 1, 2007

Conservative Personality Disorder

This is born out by many aspects of their chosen lifestyles, not the least of which is their tendency towards militant nationalism, fundamentalist religions, or a belief that science is an evil conspiracy, or even such bizarre thoughts as believing in "plots" by homosexuals with "an agenda" that means to turn them (or their kids) gay; primitive fixations on hostile tribes that are is coming to take their land and property. Mexicans are the latest to make that list of factual perversions even though a little reading would reveal that this list used to include their own ancestors at some point. But no, they're coming to get them and they're spreading leprosy too (see Lou Dobbs). Indeed, intellect seems so unnatural to these people that they even fail to see an association between the reason they themselves are now poorer and the yet somehow the wealthy simultaneously became wealthier. Such logic requires only a minumum of math skills, but intellect is intellect, and these people react to their gut instincts. Thus it is much easier for them to simply go with their instincts and the guy on TV who tells them they are in danger from people whose lives are so desperate that they risk death for pennies...people with even less power than their own pathetically primitive, reactionary minds have been able to accumulate, despite being born with advantages most of the worlds people never had. To put it more bluntly, the right-wing are throwbacks to a time before intellect and wisdom were considered the defining characteristic that elevated man above the rest of the animals. Yet they now "ape" them with a Darwinian approach to how man should behave, using other animals as "proof" that we are meant to act in a "dog-eat-dog" fashion, never stopping to wonder why even dogs share with other dogs. (Hint: Dogs most certainly DO NOT eat other dogs.)

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