Mar. 11, 2008

Temperament, Personality, and Brain Function

Arch Gen Psychiatry --Abstract: Influence of RGS2 on Anxiety-Related Temperament, Personality, and Brain Function, March 2008, Smoller et al. 65 (3): 298: "Conclusions These results provide the first evidence that a gene that influences anxiety in mice is associated with intermediate phenotypes for human anxiety disorders across multiple levels of assessment, including childhood temperament, adult personality, and brain function. This translational research suggests that some genetic influences on anxiety are evolutionarily conserved and that pharmacologic modulation of RGS2 function may provide a novel therapeutic approach for anxiety disorders." \e Research that helps to establish my ideas on the development of the right-wing throughout recorded history despite their rather obvious pathological effect on hopes that man remains a successful species re: extinction. The neolithic revolution was likely the only development known to science that could account for a species-wide social disorder of the magnitude shown by the widespread and complete distribution of the "right-wing personality disorder" (non-empathic, selfishness, elitist, paranoid, militant, lack of social depth with little to no understanding of motivating factors not already part of their own personality, will give equal weight to facts and opinions that do not create logical disharmony with preconceptions on the nature of "reality")

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