Mar. 11, 2008

US think-tanks give lessons in foreign policy

An article that appeared in the UK's Guardian 6 years ago but still hasn't been revealed by the American media to whom the information is the most precious. I can only hope that the reaction to the revelations of The Iraq War will be much more severe than that faced by the right that lied to American's during the Vietnam debacle. This time the only benefactor has been the group promotoing Iraq"s invasion the most --- the Israeli traitors within the US political elite. Since there is no concievable gain to the US by fighting Israeli wars, their treason is much clearer than the percieved communist threat during Vietnam. For that reason, hopefully the reaction will be swift and severe against the media agents that were instrumental in the conspiracy to sell Israel's war to keep the Occupied Territories to the US citizens as being a war that was actually a threat to US interests on a scale that was more urgent and more pressing than when thousands of nuclear warheads were pointed at each US city by the Soviet Bloc armies! The effort to convince Americans that they must fight Arabs using torture and denial of habeas, secret prisons, Geneva violations and much more despite none of these methods even being briefly considered as being neccesary to win the Cold War, is a key factor in perpetration of a deception by Likudniks in American government, and this lie is one that more than meets the requirements neccesary to see that they are taken out and shot as the traitors to US interests that they modst certainly are. US thinktanks give lessons in foreign policy | World news |

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