May 14, 2004

My apologies for neglecting this blog. These last few days have been extremely interesting, given the furor over Abu Ghraib, the subsequent execution of that young contractor (A Bush supporter btw) who went to Iraq to take advantage of Bush's "Americans only" rebuilding policy. And a lot of work to be had there now I must admit. Not surprising however, given the years of economic sanctions against Iraq, causing the infrastructure to be decimated, only to have whats left blown up in the subsequent invasion. Yes, what a convenient "make work" tactic that is, (starving and dead be damned), and a nice way to cover up the fact that American corporations don't seem to feel any debt of gratitude or sympathy for their fellow Americans and continue to export jobs into the slave/wage labor markets. Yay Bush! My God!? Is their no limit to what it takes before Americans becomes embarrased to have this man as their "leader"?

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