May 9, 2004

Today I was also made aware of the fact that none other than Paul Wolfowitz, one of Bush's most ardent promoters of the idea of "One World, Under the U.S. of A" toured Abu Ghraib last March, along with Lane McCotter, another man who makes his living keeping other men locked down. Not surprisingly for such a man, he has a somewhat checkered history right here in America concerning his "methods" of preference regarding the best way to keep men docile while poking them with sticks. Unfortunately , he went a little too far and killed a guy, the description of which sounds so similar to what we heard about Saddam Hussein's atrocious behavior during the run-up to the war. Apparently to the neo-cons however, this kind of behavior is a plus when included in ones resume. The proof is right here in the photo.(The link has been subsequently archived. Mycos /2004/05/16/) I simply can't count the numerous levels that this photo strikes me as being significant on. It's so telling, so ironic, so prophetic, so chilling and yet so perfectly "normal" all at the same time. If there were ever a photo that proves the adage about a "thousand words"; here it is.