May 9, 2004

Well well well ! It seems I've arrived here at the most auspicious of moments. Yesterday witnessed Bush declaring that Rumsfeld, regardless of the Iraqi torture chambers being run under his watch, is a perfectly acceptable Secretary of Defense and that he is going to stay on. This was followed shortly thereafter by Cheney, the Haliburton front-man in the Whitehouse, declaring much the same.(Remember Spiro Agnew anyone?) Now, I realize that it isn't at all unusual for a single adminstrations members to defend each other.... up to a point. But I have the deep sense that what we are actually watching is a very nervous circling of the wagons, an administration who's criminal element have taken up their positions with backs to each other, ready to shoot down any and all calls to remove one or the other, thereby breaking up their little defensive formation (anybody remember Nixon and his "Plumbers"?) Why the defensive posture? The reason I think is obvious. They have perpetrated a massive deception on the American public, on the UN, on the world as a whole, and particularly on the people of Iraq and the young soldiers sent over there under false pretences to fight and die for a cause that never really was. They are guilty of undermining the very principles that America was founded on. They've gutted the Constitution and The Charter of Rights with that..that...oh so sleezily named Patriot Act. I say sleezy because, how does one vote against it without it being the entire platform of the oppositions next election strategy? So yes! I'm going to enjoy being here with you all, to bear witness to the fall of this vicious little gang of psychopaths..... either the most evil or dangerously inept(the result is much the same we now see) of any administration to have ever taken up residence in the Whitehouse, bar none. History will surely brand them as traitors for their actions against the Constitution. Alas, I grieve that I will never get the pleasure of seeing them tried and punished for their treasonous behavior. There's just too damned many stupid and/or greedy people in the good ol' U.S. of A. Mycos