Jan. 6, 2005

Pinochet spends Amercan Dollars to Murder

Yes...This would have been news a few years ago. There was a time when men like Walter Cronkite declared to Americans, using different words of course (corporate paychecks have long guided who the liars and truth tellers were)..... but in essence, he told the truth. Anyhow, guess what! Our old friend and ally, General Auguso Pinochet, is a war criminal. This is not news to anyhow who has considered the value of the souerce of their information re; their source of pay. Just as it is now tucked way back in the pages of all news sources, back in the day when we told N. Americans precisely these facts......Well, these facts went unreported just as death squads murdered nightly....murdered using American taxpayer dollars. Yes. You paid for the the bullets, the uniform, the paycheck of an assassin of women and children. You did! It is inescapable. Read on. Gary Williams ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pinochet asset hunt prompts raid General Augusto Pinochet Gen Pinochet is under house arrest at his country homeOfficials have searched the offices of Chile's former military ruler Gen Augusto Pinochet as part of inquiries into his US bank accounts. Judge Sergio Munoz investigating the origins of an estimated $8 million, seized documents and quizzed staff. Gen Pinochet's lawyer said the search was "illegal and unconstitutional". Gen Pinochet, 89, was placed under house arrest on Wednesday by another judge investigating his alleged role in murders and kidnappings while in power. continued...... "BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition" -- Gary Williams http://mycos.blogspot.com/

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