Jan. 5, 2005

Re: [NEWSROOM-L] Columbia Journalism Review's Pein is wrong on memos

Having gone back and read the Pein's piece, I was made aware of something that I feel was very interesting.....very pertinent. That being this quote from the article, "(MacDougald [(sic)?] refused to tell the Times how he was able to mount a case against the documents so quickly.)" This would have been less than 4 hours after the "Memogate" piece first appeared on 60 minutes. If anyone knows where MacDougalds rebuttal might exist on the 'net, I would love to take a look at it. Unless there is something there which MacDougald was able to apparently determine offhand and then set straight out to prove, the conclusion of the timeline is inescapable....he is, at the very minimum, a conspirator. Gary Williams http://mycos.blogspot.com/ Ken Dyke wrote: >Copy of a letter to the editor] > All of which leaves the open question, "Who created the fake memos?"

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