Jan. 5, 2005

They Say They Can Lock You Up for Life Without a Trial

Charged with No Crime, Implicated in No Wrongdoing By ELAINE CASSEL 01/05/05 -- On Sunday, Jan 2, Dana Priest, writing in the Washington Post, described the plans of the Pentagon and the Justice Department to imprison indefinitely, perhaps for life, persons it wants 'removed' from society. Having committed no crime, but believed to be associated with 'terrorism' however that is defined at any given moment in time 'the people will live in prison camps modeled on American prisons. At this moment, the CIA admits that it has imprisoned hundreds of people in foreign prisons. Amnesty International puts that number at well over 1000. At least one American citizen, Ahmed Abu Ali, has been thus imprisoned in Saudi Arabia at the demand of federal prosecutors. Charged with no crime, implicated in no wrongdoing. But back to the Priest story." [ continued......

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