Mar. 30, 2005

It seems that a few days ago a group known as the American Center For Voting Rights was on Capitol Hill giving testimony at the Committee For Election Reform. Last night the RNC send me a notice of their actions and a link to their site. The email explained how this independent, apolitical group has found all kinds of wrongdoing on the part of the Dems. OK I figure. Surely there was, if not at the top, then certainly by some overzealous volunteer out to sign up new voters. But there must be something about the RNC as well...the ACVR being a political, independent , fair and all, right? Well, you know how that story goes. Not a word about anything done by any Republican, anywhere. Amazing! Yet they make huge criminal hay out of Democrats with bumper-stickers (yes!)people being within the 100 foot no-solicitation zone around polling sites. Apparently every and all Republicans... across the country... observed this rule! Astounding! But something....I'm not sure what really (ahem), but something was telling me that this group might not be as apolitical as they claim. So I went looking for more info on them.

It seems they were formed last week , just in time to give testimony *as an expert organization* at the hearings. According to the Bradblog, their company headquarters is a P.O.Box, and whatever names they do admit to are Republican operatives of one form or another. IOW, this groups testimony last week as being independent and unbiased is about as reliable as Jeff Guckert's journalism bona fide's. And like Guckert, I think it might be very revealing to find out how this "expert" company found it's way to testify in front of a high profile committee. Like Guckerts press-pass, who and how was their names were entered onto the witness list would be very revealing. We might finally learn who the Minister Of Propaganda really is.

And for a really good knee-slapper, you should check out "Exhibit A" at the "Exhibits" link. .

The executive summary gives 6 key findings which, if you read closely and don't let the numbers confuse you( which is of course precisely what is intended)says absolutely nothing.

Well Ok. Actually it does say, among other things, that ACT has been committing the crime of trying to register voters at the very same time as the pool of eligible voters in the Missouri population has been going down. Horrors! And why is this important? who knows? You'd think they'd be happy about that. But regardless, out of this dwindling population, some 2000 registered voters (doesn't say registered with whom) in St. Louis are felons. This apparently makes "the potential for fraud a legitimate concern". Indeed it should and is. But it still doesn't say *who* they are voting for, or *if* they even intend to vote. Apparently just the fact that *they're out there!* is somehow the fault of the DNC.

But this one is the best. After telling us about all this potential for felons to vote,( setting the stage no doubt), they go on to say that the Missouri Department of Corrections requested 16,000 voter registration cards. I guess what they hope we will think, given this tidbit of info, is that the guards are going from cell to cell trying to register then persuade murderers and the like to vote for the Democrats. WTF? Yeah, this kind of prisoner/guard relationship is something you see every day in prisons. I think a more likely reason for the request might be to get the forms and make them accessible to employees of the Prison biz. Kind of a "favor" , even though its safe to assume that those who tend to gravitate towards uniforms also tend to vote Republican. "Little Eichmann's" in the truest sense.


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