Apr. 1, 2005

Kamloops IMC: newswire/218

A local story that has just now come to my attention. Certainly a story worth folllowing.....


Veteran Doesn't Want Rice, Bush Allowed in Canada
by Grant Fraser

Kamloops, B.C. -- A Kamloops Vietnam war veteran says neither U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice nor President George W. Bush should be allowed into Canada while the Iraq war continues and that he is mounting a public campaign to convince the Canadian government to withdraw the welcome mat for Rice's proposed visit in April. John McNamer, 57, says he will begin the campaign Sunday (March 13), with large banners displayed on the lawn in front of the Kamloops Courthouse from 1-3 p.m. that read '`No' to Rice/Bush'; 'Iraq War Illegal' and 'Canada is a Peacekeeper.' He said there will be a petition to Prime Minister Paul Martin available to sign and that supporters will also be asked to e-mail or write Martin asking that Bush and Rice not be invited onto Canadian soil while American troops continue to occupy Iraq. As well, supporters will be encouraged to send similar messages to the White House. There are also plans to raise the profile of the public demonstration by moving it to the Peace Arch Crossing of the Canada-U.S. border near Vancouver prior to Rice's proposed trip to Canada. Concerned citizens wishing to act in a peaceful way are welcome to join the demonstrations, he said.
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