Mar. 28, 2005

The Tribulations Of The Terri(y)'s

Sinced everyone and their dog seems to feel a need to gety involved in this unfortunate event, I suppose I give my two cents.

I feel it extremely ironic that the Pro-Life, Randall Terry kooks are once again displaying the extreme hypocrisy that has come to be the hallmark of the religious right. How? Well, this time we hear them tugging at the heartstrings of Americans by giving us graphic details, now exposed as lies by the nursing staff as well as the Schindlers themselves, that the shell that was once the woman named Terri Schiavo is sitting on her bed trying to say that she wants to live through lips so dry that they are cracked and bleeding. This has been exposed as a lie, but regardless, even if there was a person inside the body, a person that was indeed suffering, it is the previous actions of the Right-to-Lifers who used similar tactics to make it impossible for anyone who wants to have their life ended in a dignified, peaceful, pain-free manner. It is these very folks who badgered politicians and law-enforcement officials to throw anyone in prison who dared to assist someone to take their own life in a quick and painless manner. They are now using the outcome of their very own own actions as an excuse to discontinue the only option that is left open to those who want to do the right thing.
In short, they themselves are responsible for any pain and suffering that Terri *may* be undergoing.


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