May 21, 2005

Boltons Reality

And here we have more of the arrogance that we've come to expect from the neocons. In fact, what he is saying is that regardless of the opinion of those persons who make their living and who's entire career and reputation depends on interpreting the veracity and meaning of intelligence, that he...Bolton.....should be able to act independant of what they say about any given situation, if the reality of the situation interferes with the neocon agenda. As they themselves previously stated, they create reality, and we... the peasants, merely respond to the world in the way it has been presented to us through their con-men, the shills in mega-media corporations . Mycos ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bolton Asserts Independence On Intelligence By DOUGLAS JEHL (NYT) ABSTRACT - John R Bolton tells Senate Foreign Relations Committee that policy maker should maintain right to 'state his own reading of the intelligence' even when it differs from that of intelligence agencies; statement comes in written response to written query from Sen John Kerry, and is disclosed by Democratic legislators opposed to Bolton's nomination as ambassador to United Nations; they cite it as evidence that Bolton would adopt loose standard for accuracy in making statements based on intelligence; several former senior intelligence officials say when policy makers state their own views about inteligence matters they have obligation to be accurate and to make explicit when they are stating personal opinions; Senate committee will meet on May 12 to debate conclusions that should be drawn from more than 30 interviews and thousands of pages of documents as part of extraordinarily exhaustive review into Bolton's career and opinions;

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