May 16, 2005

CBC News: Al-Qaeda's Canadian recruits 'highly prized': report

I'm hoping that rthis report is based on the actual recruitment of persons, rather than simply saying that Western recruits are more valuable than forign-born terrorist recruits. I have the strong feeling that this is not the case,and that CSIS is simply engaging in more bseless hysteria and lies that it is now clear that George Bush has been engaged in throughout the entire period since the Twin Towers catastrophe. I have a message for CSIS and the Canadian government: Do not install Canadian intelligence services as co-defendents in the future war crime trials that are surely going to find the Bush/neocons in the docket. Whether they face it during our lifetimes is questionable, but that history will judge these times and their deceptions as a criminal pursuit is not in doubt. For the sake of Canada's good name...distance yourself...and us... from the US. Mycos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Al-Qaeda's Canadian recruits 'highly prized': report Last Updated Sun, 15 May 2005 16:09:01 EDT CBC News OTTAWA - The majority of al-Qaeda recruits in Canada are being trained at home, not abroad, making the terror network a direct threat to Canada, according to a recently declassified intelligence report. The homegrown recruits are highly prized for their familiarity with Western societies, says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, obtained by the Toronto Star." Cont......

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