May 20, 2005

Guess Who Hired Paul Cellucci:: Belinda Stronach!

Magna's Annexationist Interest: Guess Who Hired Paul Cellucci Magna's Annexationist Interest: Guess Who Hired Paul Cellucci Belinda Stronach is an annexationist. Her defection to the Liberals reveals that secret deals are being made behind the scenes in order to further annex Canada to the United States. She advocates for Canada's integration into a "North American Security Perimeter." Behind all her talk about stability are attempts to smash the organized resistance of Canadian workers, especially in the auto sector, to the demands of the monopolies to turn them into slave labour in the name of the greater good. Her agenda on Canada-U.S. relations serve the narrow anti-national aim of Magna International, the company which is hers by blood.

In this regard, it is interesting that on May 1 Magna Entertainment Corporation -- involved in gambling and horse racetracks -- officially hired the hated former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci as its Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development. Cellucci was the mouthpiece of U.S. imperialist President George W. Bush in Canada. As Ambassador his role was to organize forces such as the Canadian Council of Chief Executives to push for the annexation of Canada by the United States, Canada's participation in U.S. aggression against Iraq and its violations of international rule of law. As a representative of the Bush administration in Canada, he deliberately violated the norms of diplomatic relations between nations and on numerous occasions interfered in Canadian internal affairs calling for increased spending on the military and chastising Canadians for not supporting the war in Iraq, threatening consequences as a result.

"Mr. Cellucci has an outstanding record of public service and will make an enormous contribution to (Magna Entertainment) and he will play a leadership role in our efforts to bring about regulatory reform at the state level aimed at modernizing the horse racing and pari-mutuel industry," Frank Stronach said in a release.

It would be laughable if it wasn't a deliberate attempt to disinform the public to hear Belinda Stronach talk about the need to defend the "unity of Canada" when she and Magna are at the forefront of all the arrangements being put in place to create a United States of the North American Monopolies capable of overwhelming the competition from Europe and Asia. What kind of Canadian unity is she talking about when she sees the Canadian border and a sovereign Canada as an impediment to the global ambitions of the monopoly interests she represents? One wonders what is going on when traitors to the Canadian nation such as Stronach are condemning the Bloc Quebecois of trying to "break up Canada." Is the Bloc calling for the annexation of Canada or Quebec to serve U.S. imperialism? Is the Bloc in bed with the Canadian fifth column of U.S. imperialism? No, the Bloc is calling for the affirmation of Quebec sovereignty and it is up to the people to make sure a sovereign Quebec opposes U.S. annexation of both Quebec and Canada. This would put a spoke in the plans of the annexationists in Canada who want to hand over a Canada holus bolus to U.S. imperialism as a strategic asset for its war preparations.

No one should be fooled by the disinformation which attempts to paint a traitor to the Canadian nation as a principled person who is rising above partisan politics. The politics she represents are those which are partisan to the U.S. imperialist war preparations in which the automotive sector is involved up to its ears. The monopoly interests Stronach represents are very partisan to the enemies of the Canadian working class and people.

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