Jun. 20, 2005

Bolton Go Bye-Bye?

"Policy Shifts Felt After Bolton's Departure From State Dept.

By Peter Baker and Dafna Linzer
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, June 20, 2005; Page A02

For years, a key U.S. program intended to keep Russian nuclear fuel out of terrorist hands has been frozen by an arcane legal dispute. As undersecretary of state, John R. Bolton was charged with fixing the problem, but critics complained he was the roadblock."
cont...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, finally! An article that stands up and tells it like it is, instead of the chickenshit neocon bag-licking that we have seen out of the Post (and CIA asset Bob Woodward) and most every other mainstream news-agency. When the government (or at least the intelligence services) decides to tell Americans that Bolton is indeed the wingnut that he obviously has been, then you got to know that Boltons days are numbered. However, I'm a little concerned that some of the people voting on his UN nomination may feel that , although he's now on the official list of has-beens, that he's owed something more than the ignominious end he justifiably has coming to him. Some of them may feel that he "deserves" to walk away with a little respect and vote him into the UN as a kind of "Golden Handshake". Gary Williams

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