Jun 24, 2005

Hypocrisy is the least of their crimes

People's Weekly World Newspaper,
06/23/05 13:04
Author: W. T. Whitney Jr.

George Bush gets a bum rap. If you match words and deeds, his hypocrisy is undeniable. But judged on actions alone, he and his crew are models of consistency.

Their words on fighting terrorism are familiar, but what counts are civilian deaths in Iraq, the leveling of cities, and thousands jailed, humiliated, tortured and killed. What counts too is the sanctuary they provide for archterrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

U.S. authorities were silent for two months about his well-advertised arrival in Miami, and then, having detained him on May 17, they politely charged him with a minor immigration offense. He is, of course, both an assassin and a servant of the U.S. government.

His misdeeds are well known. He worked for the CIA for three decades. He killed and tortured for Venezuelan state security services, bombed a Cuban airliner — killing all 73 persons aboard, helped out with the murder of a Chilean ex-diplomat in Washington, organized supply operations for Nicaraguan Contra rebels, bombed hotels in Havana — killing an Italian tourist, and plotted to kill Fidel Castro in Panama. For the Cubans, he is the “Osama Bin Laden of Latin America.” "

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