Jun. 21, 2005

Bush Is Going Insane.... A Prediction

You heard it...I'm making a prediction here and now, based on the behaviour of Bush today. He is going quite mad. I watched in stunned silence as he called the President of Luxembourg "A piece of work" while the man was there standing right beside him on the stage! This was a meeting of world leaders.... at a press conference with Presidential Seals on podium. He even asked him first if he could call him that!? Totally fucking astounding! Then he starts laughing when a reporter asked him about the casualties in Iraq!!!! Now, no matter how cold a SOB someone can be, and we know he's as cold as the psychopath that I've been sure he has always been , he's still a politician and politicians don't laugh at the mere mention of soldiers dieing....soldiers he sent to their deaths with lies, btw. Yes. I think he is finally coming to grips with the reality of the situation. Cheney has led him around by the nose for the profits (a war crime), the neocons have led him around for their PNAC plan for world domination (a war crime), and the religious right have led im around, hoping to bring about Armageddon ( a war crime) and their ascension to heaven. All three groups have convinced him to commit these crimes, patting him on the back and telling him he's "the man". He now realizes that he not in control of his destiny anymore and he's at a total loss as what to do. It's got himn totally rattled. He looks it. He's going to do something drastic. Gary Williams June 21, 2005

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