Jun 11, 2005


THIS PARTY'S OVER!!! Recently Senator Danforth, (Rep) and Senator Chris Shays (R-CT) have expressed serious misgiving about the direction of the GOP, Shays going so far as to plainly state that his conservative colleagues are embracing a "theocracy".

This all makes me wonder why a high profile Republican hasn't at least threatened a formal split of the GOP? I believe that if a couple of them got together and told the rest of Congress/Senate that recent developments within the party have been deeply disturbing to many of it's members; that they feel it has abandoned it's true roots, that it's current leaders are denying the rest of them their traditional political platform. And as such, it is not themselves who are going to leave the party, but instead they are going to retain the name, split, then let the people decide who the truly repugnant members are (sorry. couldn't resist it), I feel that such a move would shake the party to it's core. As well, I don't believe the press would be able to avoid reporting such a move either. This would place the problem squarely in front of the public and I think that this particular move might even shake them out of their usual complacency.

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