Jun. 6, 2005

Report on Supreme Court ruling on potential medical marijuana

I, like many, find this swapping of ideological positions by the Supreme Court members to be very strange. Possibly, it's a recognition by the Court of its politicization and an attempt by the Court to undo the perceived intransigence of it's individual members by taking the reverse positions that the public and politicians have come to expect. The effect of this is permit the individual members, as well as the entire Court, to reasonably deflect future accusations of their political ideology coming ahead of legal or judicial issues.

Perhaps more importantly, this is now an extremely useful tool in a debate regarding accusations of attempts at "stacking" the courts. Mark my words, this position will be referred to many, many times in the future. They will say that any "supposed" attempts would be useless to pursue because "there is no way to predict how they'll vote". Therefore the accusations are unjustified because there is no point in it for the politicians themselves.

Anyhow, bottom line is they will have undone, in the minds of many I'm sure, attempts by others to say (and correctly so)that they are overly political, as well as having taken the safest political position---the status quo.

Dean Becker wrote:

Report on Supreme Court ruling on potential medical marijuana.

Interviews with Diane Monson, one of the plantiffs at the Supreme Court, Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman who along with 500 notable economists called last week for regulation of marijuana, Dr. Todd Mikuriya a California medical marijuana pioneer.


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