Jun. 11, 2005

How Wrong Can The DEA Be? Read On.....

Unbelievable! This guy is talking about drugs as if they are the Black Plague itself. Or AIDS! How is it that it completely escapes this dude that it is they themselves who are destroying the vast majority of peoples lives.

Yes, I know. Before anyone starts, some people cannot handle certain drugs. I know. But like alcohol, many can, some can't. Unlike alcohol, these people want to make sure that everyone, absolutely everybody who does illegal drugs' life is devastated. Needlessly! Why can't they see that? Bizarre....(shakes head)

Anyhow. I sent the above two paragraphs to the link provided and I received this back.

We will not publish your wire because there is no evidence or case histories that support you. We have yet to learn the name of a single person who is addicted to cocaine, heroin or meth and who is also leading a productive life.

DEA Watch
The Voice of the Drug Enforcement Agent

I responded;

"That is simply not true. History is replete with individuals, men of great stature who used drugs that have since been made illegal. There are many individuals now who do illegal drugs and are leading productive lives, albeit incognito. I would provide you with the names of such, but you would merely move on them, destroy their lives, then hold them up as proof of your initial observation. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy on your part, not the cause and effect of drug use.

If I give you names of historical figures, will you publish them? If I give you names of living individuals, will you agree and publish the fact that they are "doing just fine, thank you very much?"

To which I received a response I should have presumed to be coming, and not even bothered; In short, they stuck their heads in the sand while firing off a not so veiled threat.

Reply from DEA Watch (http://members.aol.com/deawatch/daily.htm)

"We have carefully read your wire and determined that as it is currently written it does not rise to the level of anonymous publication on DEA Watch for one or more reasons listed below. However, you are invited to publish your wire for open and unedited discussion in the DEA Watch Forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DEAWatch/


a. The content of your wire was already published by one or more previous writers.

b. You addressed your wire specifically to another writer. DEA Watch is not a chat room.

c. You personally attacked another writer.

d. You attempted to dictate publication policy.

e. You attempted to play school teacher by spell checking and/or grammar correcting.

f. Your wire required too many edits and/or spelling corrections.

g. Your wire was typed in capital letters.

h. Your wire appears to be an attempt to use DEA Watch to advertise or promote, possibly for commercial reasons, either individuals or an agenda.

The premise of your report is baseless, without evidence, and/or lacks merit.

If you find any of the above incompatible you have two options:

a. we can post all or parts of your wire only if you publish your full name, office location, phone number and email address.

b. you can buy DEA Watch, which is for sale to the highest bidder. Make us an acceptable cash offer we can't refuse and we will sell you full ownership of DEA Watch. As the new owner you can publish anything you like, whenever you like. Go here to submit a bid to purchase DEA Watch:

-- DEA Watch

The Voice of the Drug Enforcement Agent deawatch.com

Main: http://members.aol.com/deawatch/dea.htm
Daily Reports: deawatch.com

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