Aug. 20, 2005

DEA Seeks Private Guards To Ship Pot

It's hard for me to say just exactly what I think of this idea. From a law-enforcement angle it's arguably one of the stupidest goddamn things I've ever heard of in my life, but then thats what I live for..... OTOH, from an angle of putting the weed on the streets and back with the people who want it and pay for it because it's their right as human beings to smoke whatever the fuck they want to, even if it kills them, then this is probably a good thing.


DEA Seeks Private Guards To Protect Traveling Tonnage of Pot

By Stephen Peacock,
Posted on Sat Aug 13th,
2005 at 12:43:51 AM EST

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is recruiting private security forces to load, transport and unload "multi-ton" shipments of seized marijuana en route to destruction in Arizona. It's conducting what is known as a "sources sought" inquiry to determine the availability of commercial firms that can provide on-call deployments of armed contractors to protect these bulk transports of pot."

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