Aug 18, 2005

Letters alarm pot-seed buyers (Emery Update)

"'I feel like my rights as a Canadian are being violated. Who runs our country -- Canada or the U.S.?'"


And I've no doubt they are being violated. The problem is, why isn't the government saying something about this new assault on Canada soveriegnty? Or is the government and/or the RCMP involved in this Tandy-led attempt at Americanization? I don't know. It seems to me that our Liberal politicians at least are sufficiently enlightened enough to know that using a little Reefer hysteria to to tug at the heart-strings of Canadians isn't going to fly. So who would actually allow those Texas redneck creeps to put grubby little paws on our citizens? Who or what is behind these blatant violations using our own police forces? Is the government really letting the RCMP do this?

Look. We understand that many people in our society grow up feeling the need to be important,to be looked up to before they are able to function in a acceptably social manner. Fine. So we let them be police officers. Now they can drive fast and shoot guns while laying on the siren so everyone will be sure to see.....legally. Everybodies happy. But hey...... when they start turning on our own citizens, then they've taken our good will, not to mention the public's trust, and turned it into betrayal.

Whoever is behind the interception of mail, the recording of names, and now the attempted sting of Canadian citizens, all because an American troglodyte doesn't think other Americans should be allowed to move out of their caves, is nothing short of a goddamn traitor to the country. Certainly, if not brought up on charges themselves, they most definitely need to lose their job. And it would probably be a good idea to look into their past and see what this person (or persons) has been up to in the recent past because anyone who would do something this blatantly un-Canadian over pot seeds is cabable of doing far more damage. They would almost certainly go to much greater lengths towards violating the soverignty of Canada if, God forbid, they should deem something to be really offensive. And given the (ahem)gravity of the "Great Pot-Seed Caper", God only knows the lengths such a person might go to if they were, shall we say, "seriously disturbed"?


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