Aug. 23, 2005

Drug Jihadists: Get your moralizing meathooks off me!

It has now been confirmed by the Vancouver Sun that not only have US drug-cops been arresting Canadian citizens with the acquiescence of the RCMP, but that they have been doing so using agreements signed by own government. Those agreements were made during the hysteria that followed the WTC attack. As such, they were poorly considered and signed during a time when cooler heads *did not* prevail south of the border. It also means that during the whole time we sat here smug in the knowledge that our government, being a mature democracy, would never let our freedoms be overturned during moments of such national hysteria. Yet they have been making fools of us by doing precisely that. As such, it would be fair to point out that every freedom lost to us since 9/11 was the result of actions taken by our own politicians. One would also do well to remember that "terrorism" was taking place long before that day; that terrorism has been investigated and brought to trial--- before and since --- using the same old tried and true methods that were in place long before 9/11.

But what is new is the behaviour of our own governments since then. Apparently they feel that the we have been so paralyzed with fear by the spectacle of 9/11 that they are now free to move ahead with arrests they would never have dared even consider only 5 years ago. The drug warriors, not unlike the Moslem Jihadist sitting in their mountain villages, have decided that the time is right to attempt to force their set of moral values on those of us who do not yet hold these same. Yes, it is the men sitting in the back-rooms of the legislature who conspire to take away our freedoms, hoping we would be so traumatized by the spectacle of 9/11 that we might be willing to sell out our freedoms to obtain a little security. As Ben Franklin seemed to foretell with such clarity all those many years past, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Surely Mr. Franklin would speak quite poorly of the mindless morality that has somehow found its way into the bedrooms of today. Mycos


Jack said...

What do you, and average Canadians, think about this brouhaha about Cotler = Nazi?

Godwin's Law says you should never make this comparison. As Jon Stewart recently joked, the comparisons demean the speaker and Hitler.

But here, I'm not so sure...even beyond the expected outrage from Jewish groups, I'm wondering if any publicity for Marc's plight and pressure on the Canadian gov't is good. Personally, I don't think it hurts to put the spotlight on Cotler if he tries the "my hands are tied" routine, and to besmirch Cotler's "human rights advocate" halo.

But I'm interested in what Canadian activists think and the average non-activist Canadian's opinion on this...

Mycos said...

Well Jack...I'm not sure if I would be considered the "average" Canuck, but I don't have a problem with the idea of equating him with the Nazi's because as far as I'm concerned, the US is headed towards a fascist form of government, and as such, any collaboration by someone in our government should naturally be seen as fascist collaborator.
OTOH, I do see a problem with invoking the name of Hitler or "Nazi". The people who throw these terms around loosely are nearly always uneducated, hysterical types or someone with an ulterior motive who is pandering to, or attempting to inflame these same people. But in the case of Cotler and the US government, were confronted with a historically unique situation in which it is becoming accurate to use terms like "fascist" or "totalitarian". To not use them, out of fear of being labeled "hysterical" or of using jingoistic rhetoric, is to let these guys off the hook! By using less inflammatory terms for them is to mis-identify them. Not only mis-identify, but to understate the threat that they pose to our way of life, and that would be a very serious mistake to make at this time in our history, for it is now, perhaps more than ever that people need to be made fully aware of what we are facing on the political landscape....before it becomes a military one.