Aug. 23, 2005

Wing-Nut Watch !

FRI has no trouble with empiricism — that’s what we are about. Mental healthism, since it relies primarily upon propaganda instead of hard evidence, has much in common with Nazism, Communism, and the gay rights movement."


"Mental Healthism"..LOL!
Yup, if your going to do a trash job on something, it's always a good idea to first turn it into an "ism". You know, like fascism, communism....Satanism!!. But "mental health-ism"? Isn't that a little like "going to school-ism"... with a car-ism with a nice paint-job-ism", hoping that the girls will notice your atractive-ism...???
What the hell is the matter with these loons? And why does the news continue to give them the time of day? If it wasn't for the credibilty that simply appearing on TV gives them, no-one would feel like they had anything worth saying, quite simply because they don't. And you can take that to the bank-ism


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