Aug. 25, 2005

Iraq's Unseen War: The Photos Washington Doesn't Want You To See

By Gary Kamiya

This is a war the Bush administration does not want Americans to see. From the beginning, the U.S. government has attempted to censor information about the Iraq war, prohibiting photographs of the coffins of U.S. troops returning home and refusing as a matter of policy to keep track of the number of Iraqis who have been killed. President Bush has yet to attend a single funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq. The grim reality of Iraq rarely appears in the American press. A photo gallery reveals the war's horrible human toll. "

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Anonymous said...

What good is it for the mothers and soldiers going over to see photo's of people all blown up? That happens in war and its this type of vision that they are trying to put out of their minds so they can do their job effectively. Why stop that?