Aug. 11, 2005

Fair Trade Agreement: Emery Deal

I watched with fascination how recent Canadian news reports tell us how the rate of murders and other assaults using guns has increased dramatically here in recent years. They also said that the vast majority of the guns used in these crimes came from US gun dealers.

In light of the recent arrest and extradition request of Marc Emery for the heinous crime of selling marijuana seeds to US citizens, I have petitioned our government to ask US authorities to arrest and extradite American gun-dealers who sell weapons to persons they know to be Canadian or be Canadian resellers. After all, isn't it all about protecting our own citizens from the hands of those foreign devils who's actions wreak death and destruction on our soil? Or do you suppose that our respective government officials will say that this kind of an action against the US would be out of proportion?

I surely hope that no such person exists anywhere within our government. If they do, they should be immediately stripped of any power or authority they may have over those of us who remain the U.S. I believe you refer to us as "the reality crowd". Heh! IMO, "out of proportion" doesn't begin to even hint at the reality of your governments actions on Emery, the War on Drugs, War on Terror, etc, etc, etc. ad nauseum. I'm reminded of the London Daily Newspaper headline which expressed the rest of the worlds profound sense of utter confusion and amazement when Bush was re-elected. "How Can 56 million People Be So Stupid?!!" Indeed.

And while we're here, doesn't US law strictly forbid the DEA to engage in the deliberate obstruction or sabotage of the electoral process? If so, then why isn't Karen Tandy being taken to task for her statement to Seattle journo Joel Conelly regarding her attempt at obstructing those American voter campaigns that advocate marijuana-law reform? That's democracy isn't it?


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