Aug. 12, 2005

Flyers passing through U.S. Can be legally starved and beaten under US law.

As is anyone needed further proof of how degenerate the U.S, has become, we get this tid-bit from the hearings into the kidnapping and subsequent torture of an innocent Canadian citizen, Maher Arar.

It seems that in an effort to make the case that those persons who had him kidnaoppped and tortured are not culpable, a lawyer for the US says that under US law, persons passing through the US have no rights to violate. Yes. You understood that. They are claiming that a foreign citizen passing through a US airport is deemed to be a foriegner and not legally "in" the US. Even if they are taken to an American prson, they can be starved and.or denied sleep, etc. Add to that US Attorneuy General Gonzales's decision that torture is defined as "pain consistent with major organ faiilure or death", then you see what they feel they can legally do to you. Anything short of murder can be applied during your legal torture, right up up to the point where you do not have a major organ collapse and/or cause your death.

These are the words one might hear from the defendants at Nuremburg, but surely even they would have been too embarrased to admit such a thing prior to their total military defeat which brought them into the docket, standing trial with their very lives on the line. Yet here we have persons who, under this administration, feel comfortable admitting to what would surely be considered gross human rights violations or war crimes only ten years ago.

What has happened down there? There is truly a deep and powerful sickness that has taken hold of the American psyche. If they were only capable of hearing what they sopund like to the rest of the worlds citizens, they would be so ashamed of themselves that they would likely commit suicide. And now that I think of it, I have to admit that this may be our best chance of escaping the wars that will surely develop if this administration is successful in implementing the populist cuop d' etat that they are most definitely considering.


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