Sep. 5, 2005


FOX has long been the leading apologists for the Bush regime, and without question the the number-one reason that Bush has not yet been impeached. One day they will be held to account for their part in the atrocities committed. But that is neither here nor there now. But what is happening now is that even the suckers over there are seeing the reality of the incompetence, the utter disregard this administration has for people of the lower classes, both black or white. They are now engaged in the murder of the population of NO and they are doing it right under your noses. What I see occurring now is an organized attempt to either displace and/or kill the poor of New Orleans. If there are any lawyers out there, you had best start planning for a massive class-action suit against the government because I am sure there exists evidence of a deliberate effort to destroy whoever and whatever is left of a city with a long history of organized resistance.

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