Sep. 4, 2005

New Orleans on a hair-trigger

Is anybody sure what kind of ammo the "authority" half of this battle is using? I want to see someone, anyone who has been shot with a different calibre weapon before I fall into line with the "re-establishing order amid chaos" meme. There was the one report from a hospital of the docs being sniped at. This was during the height of the bad press the government was getting. Sorry, but I've learned to be extremely cynical. There is no more perfect excuse to turn this around and place the blame on the "looters" than such a report. I want proof before I buy in. There will be deaths that I will now call murder , unhesitatingly. Mycos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Orleans on a hair-trigger: "New Orleans on a hair-trigger 'Stop the car right now,' reporter told. `Back up, or I'll shoot' By Tim Harper WASHINGTON BUREAU 09/02/05 'Toronto Star' -- -- NEW ORLEANS - I wheeled the car around and headed back to the scene of the shooting, looking for Toronto Star photographer Lucas Oleniuk, when the officer turned, spotted me and pointed the shotgun right at the windshield. cont...... "

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