Sep. 7, 2005

New Orleans: The Opening Salvo In The Class War

Face it people. The upper class in America, as it is represented by families such as the Bushes, Cheney's, Robertson's, the board members of The Carlyle Group, have now quit even pretending to be for the common man. The lack of response to Katrina was not mismanagement, it was a willful act of extreme neglect. Murder. There are numerous reports coming in about how different groups who attempted to do the right thing and bring aid to the people of NO, both before and after the storm, were TURNED BACK! NGO's tried to help, but were told that they could not help and were turned back. They were prohibited from doing what seems natural to you or me. But that's the thing, what is natural to real people is not what is best for the upper class in America. They rule and they are going to keep it that way. It does not matter who and how many poor people they put out of work or send off to die in war. It's all being set up to accomplish one thing and one thing make money for the companies that furnish the arms that destroy, and then to fund the reconstruction efforts afterwards. To their way of thinking, to hell with the people who get killed doing it. You heard "Babs" Bush? This worked out well for the poor! Don't you get it? We're poor anyhow. The upper class really thinks that we're happy if we have an army tent or sleeping bag to curl up in. To them, our lives....our job on to work tirelessly at making America's millionaires into billionaires. And that we should be happy to do it at minimum wage! This is the fact! Look. Dick Cheney, before he was tapped for the Vice-Presidency, was the chairman of Halliburton, a company that makes it's money off the spoils of war --- literally. Whatever has been wrecked, spoiled, destroyed, burnt or battered during a military campaign is then repaired by Halliburton. So Dick Cheney takes the VP position, lies about his divestiture of his Halliburton stock, and then he and Bush immediately start a war in Iraq. Big money!! You think it just coincidence? Hey! It's only because of the Downing street memos that we now know they were planning war even before 9/11. Why? Money for Dick and friends. Remember, Halliburton was awarded a no-bid contract for the reconstruction of Iraq. It been the plan all along. OBL simply provided them with an excellent means by which these men could disguise their original intent (Project For A New American Century. PNAC Look it up) Since acquiring the White House, they've been able to use America's military and financial reserves for their own to plunder. And they have been doing an extraordinarily admirable job of it, with billions and billions of dollars missing in Iraq on top of what they were awarded legally! (and I use the word "legally" in the broadest definition of the term possible). They took away your ability to investigate their criminal actions using the cover of terror attacks to pass the Patriot Act. Clearly now you know that it was not to enhance the infrastructure of America in the event of a disaster. N.O. proved that. It was to stifle dissent about what the neocons were doing to enrich themselves. Nothing more. People!! This is class warfare. The gloves are off. They have been off for quite awhile now. The media has done an excellent job of covering up for this fact, a fact that becomes blindingly obvious once you allow yourself the possibility of considering that it might be true. Please consider it. But it's time to fight back. This administration and the neocons, the robber barons & corporate pirates who have been milking the people for their very last dollar (that's what social security "reform" is really about) will send you and your kids to die in foreign countries. If your to old or frail to go there, they'll rob you and leave you to die as they have now started to do in NO. These people are killers. Protect yourself the best way you know how. Mycos

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Oliviah said...

"The lack of response to Katrina was not mismanagement, it was a willful act of extreme neglect. Murder."

Those are some strong words there.

I agree...