Oct. 19, 2005

British Chief Police Investigator in Basra dies under mysterious circumstances

British Chief Police Investigator in Basra dies under mysterious circumstances He was responsible for the investigation into the two Elite SAS men disguised as Arab 'terrorists' by Michel Chossudovsky October 17, 2005 GlobalResearch.ca Captain Ken Masters, British chief police investigator in Basra died under mysterious circumstances. The cause of death was not mentioned. According to a Ministry of Defense spokesman, his death was 'not due to hostile action' nor to natural causes. Ken Masters was Commanding Officer of the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police. He was 'responsible for the investigation of all in-theatre serious incidents, plus investigations conducted by the General Police Duties element of the Theatre Investigation Group.' (Statement of Britain's Ministry of Defense, 16 Oct 2005). In this capacity, Captain Masters was responsible for investigating the circumstances of the arrest of two undercover elite SAS men, wearing Arab clothing, by Iraqi police in Basra. on September 19 (London Times (17 Oct 2005).. 'The Ministry of Defence refused to reveal details about his [Masters] work but it is believed he was involved in the inquiry into the dramatic rescue of two SAS soldiers held in a prison in Basra.' (Daily Mail, 16 Oct 2005) The two British undercover 'soldiers', who were driving a car loaded with weapons and ammunition, were subsequently 'rescued' by British forces, in a major military assault on the building where they were being detained: 'British forces used up to 10 tanks ' supported by helicopters ' to smash through the walls of the jail and free the two British servicemen.' The incident, which resulted in numerous civilian and police casualties has caused political embarrassment. Several media reports and eyewitness " Cont......

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