Oct. 20, 2005

Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy’

And here's an item that supports my contention that most everything Americans think they have been fighting for has, all this time, been an illusion. In fact, all they've been dying for is to promote the business interests of Cheney Co.. Specifically where these business opportunities coincide with the PNAC plans of the Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld bunch. Cheney is a war-priofiteer and promoter while Rummy and his bunch seek to dominate 'at least' the Middle East militarily, and hopefully through the seizure of oil assets, to dominate the rest of the world economically. If there was only some way of sitting people down and showing them the facts. Surely they'd have to open their eyes to the reality of how used they all have been. Mycos~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy’ By Edward Alden in Washington Published: October 20 2005 00:00 Vice-President Dick Cheney and a handful of others had hijacked the government's foreign policy apparatus, deciding in secret to carry out policies that had left the US weaker and more isolated in the world, the top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed on Wednesday."

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