Oct. 17, 2005

Miller's Lawyer Says Aide May Face 'Problem' in Probe

Miller's Lawyer Says Aide May Face 'Problem' in Probe Indeed! Libby is going down and he knows it. In fact, I'll bet that within a week, Libby is gone from the White House. Bush is only holding on to him at this point because to release him now would be as much as fingering him as the guilty party....something he may do in order to shift the blame off of his ol' pal and confidante, Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove (he only gives pet names to his friends. Right Brownie?). This brings up what must be a terrible dillemma for the power players in the WH. Cheney of course, is no lightweight. I'll wager he is weilding as much actual power as Bush. Bush may have the power of his office at the moment, but Cheney weilds far more personal power. When Georgy is gone from office, you can bet that even Bushes own parents respect Cheney's will more than theior kid. Well, now that I think about it, that's probably a bad example. GHWB and Babs almost certainly respect Cheney more than they do Dubya. I mean, they know the guy! What more is there to say? Anyhow, back to the WH, this puts Dubya in the middle of maintaining his loyalty to Rove, or putting Libby, and thereby Cheney's office, on the chopping block to deflect from Rove. Cheney, as far as I know anyhow, owes Rove nothing--- nor vice versa. So what's a Dubya to do what with Cheney breathing down his back, trying to get him to dump Rove. Yup. Things must be awfully tense around there this upcoming Halloween. I wonder what kind of tricks and treats Mr. Fitzgerald will have for us all due the coming festivities.

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