Oct. 23, 2005

The Bush Administration ( in a few words)

After more than a year of research, filtering through hundreds of hours of footage and blogs, the 'Rove's War' double DVD set weighs in at 150+ minutes of Red Meat for those that want to know exactly where, when, what and who pulled treasonous crimes - as we shred media propaganda and rumors, and expose the Truth. Showcasing the Downing Street Minutes hearing and Joe Wilson's testimony, 'Rove's War' weaves the tale of how Valerie Plame's outing can be traced to Saudi ties with the Bush Family and Administration, exposes breathtaking corruption in both the CIA, Pentagon and State Department leading to a War based on intentionally faulty, cherry picked intelligence by rogue elements in the Bush corner. The story includes how the White House Iraq Group or 'WHIG' conspired while supplying lies, dodges, and obfuscations, with the goal of filling Halliburton's coffers while destroying the section of the CIA that was in search of actual weapons of mass destruction, who was spying on the Saudis. There's more to the outing of Plame than meets the eye. Rove's War explores the relationships between Dick Cheney and John Bolton, Judith Miller and Scooter Libby, Bolton's thugs and their internal battle against the State Department, George Tenet rolling over for Bush and Cheney, concealing the proof that there was no Iraq nuclear capability from the public since 1991 -- proof provided long before Bush sent our troops to die for his own purposes. They all knew there were no nukes in Iraq for more than 20 years. You'll find out how they blew Plame's undercover status in the Brewster and Jennings Company to protect the Saudi ARAMCO oil company -- known for one of their subsidiaries actually named an oil tanker 'Condoleeza Rice' -- which many in the Bush administration have an interest. The outing wasn't just to punish Joe Wilson, it was meant to send a message to other other whistleblowers. A shockwave radiated through the CIA and spies all over the world, putting hundreds of lives at risk, on just a political whim." cont......

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