Oct. 28, 2005

Fow News' Extreme Bias Revealed

I've had many an argument with the sheeple of America over whether FOX news is biased in it's reporting or not. Well, if there was ever proof of a circumstantial nature, this must be it. Below is the FOX news main page with it's lead story highlighted. Now...you would think that perhaps they don't think the LIbby indictment is the most important story and so have featured it further down the page. But oh no... It's not even on the website! News is what they say it is, and what is bad for the GOP should not be discussed publicly. It's dirty laundry and good people don't discuss it. They hide it away in a closet, just as they do with all their other "methinks thy doth protest to much" inclinations and outright perversions. So why isn't the Libby indictment news? It's too embarrassing to their leader! They feel that if they don't tell the people...if they pretend it's not important, then maybe the sheeple will think the same way about it and we can all just forgive Dick and George for their treasonous behaviour in office. Then it would be business as usual for everybody , right? Well, that is if you happen to own a business.... a notion they are also very careful to avoid getting the sheeple all concerned about, you can be sure of that. Behold! Biased news in extremis! LOL Without question, George Bush's finest hour, and worthy of resurection now more than ever. FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Human Bone Fragments Found at WTC Site

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