Oct. 24, 2005

Miers Firm Received Bush Campaign Payments

Hmmm. Very interesting. Sounds like the beginnings of a very explosive scandal, and possibly the one that breaks the ca,camels back....finally. Geezus! I am amazed at how much corruption, cronyism, war crimes, treasonous behavior.....everything that one office can possibly do, yet that one slice of the population just refuses to see it as wrong in this guy. It's rather an interesting phenomenon in itself and one that I'd like to investigate further. But that would entail having us all live with it in the meantime, and that, of course, is simply not acceptable. Mycos~ Miers Firm Received Bush Campaign Payments: By FRANK BASS The Associated Press Friday, October 21, 2005; 8:04 PM WASHINGTON -- George W. Bush's rising political fortunes provided a windfall for Harriet Miers' law firm. Campaign records show Bush's Texas gubernatorial campaigns paid Miers a total of $163,000 in legal fees, most of it for work done during the future president's 1998 re-election bid."

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