Oct. 2, 2005

DEA Watch (The Wallenstein Solution)

If these guys weren't actually being armed by the government, minds like this would be hilarious. As is, they're certainly to be pitied. Imagine all this rage, all this parranoia and militaristic thinking being brought to bear on "making sure no pill fell into the wrong hands". Incredible. A perfect example of how far out of focus decades of propaganda can bring the minds of the more simple leader/follower types. Mycos~ .....(and) because of our country's military humiliations, butt-kickings, toss-outs and embarrassments over the past thirty years, Mr. Rumsfeld and others have decided that taking a CEO approach to dealing with armed opponents, that is, creating private armies, to win where official armies fail. (It is believed that there are approximately 170,000 allied controlled mercenaries operating in Iraq for various corporations and CIA covers... outnumbering the approx 120,000 US military personnel. Our own agency tried creating units of privatized 'soldiers' to serve in South America to deal with the armed insurrectionists protecting the drug cartels who finance their aggression... private 'cops' replaced DEA 1811's in the jungles. All of these private mercenaries have also failed. Now, instead of simply using S/A's who already have all the necessary training to secure pharmacies in troubled areas, HQ is reportedly thinking about providing 1811 training to 1801's... in short, giving guns to bookkeepers and pill counters. The cure for securing pharmacies is not training 1801's to serve as 1811's, the simple cure is acquiring better management personnel in HQ... a sharp Administrator and/or DepyAdministrator would have instantly recognized the need to send teams of agents into the storm areas before or immediately after the bad weather to make sure no pill fell into the wrong hands. Instead of minding the store the females in charge of DEA were making muffins, painting their fingernails, or organizing their tampon drawer."

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