Oct. 3, 2005

Who is Judy Miller Kidding?

To be fair, wasn't the initial consent form that Libby signed actually a consent form that Bush made his entire staff sign in an effort to defuse some finger pointing back in the day? Yes, it can be said that it was consensual because he didn't have to sign it, but we all know that the alternative was to be fired. Having said that however, I believe there is almost certainly much more to the story. Given that the first consent form wasn't really such, why did it take so long for Miller to get the one she says she was comfortable with as being unforced? Surely, if we are to believe Miller, why did it take so long fvor Libby to get this information? If Libby knew that Miller wasn't happy with the status of the first one, why did it take so long for him to authorize the second one? He surely did. What we don't know is what kind of negotiations have been going on during the time that Miller was just sitting there. No. There is much more to this story that we still know nothing about. We do know that Miller is a little sleazebag who will do and say anything to suck up to power, and we know that this administration values that type of person very highly. As proof, witness the Congressional Medal Of Honor given to Tenet for taking the heat off the White House when it became clear that they were lying about WMD's. That whole thing was straight reciprocity. I believe the key to this lies in the terms that Miller established before she would appear, specifically that their scope be limited to her relationship with Libby. In other words Ms. Huffington, you would do well to ask the questions that Miller established that Fitz and the GJ would not ask.

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