Feb. 16, 2006

2004 Election Fraud Challenge for Mathemeticians

Statisticians Recommend New Measures to Ensure Vote Count Accuracy and Release 'Ohio’s 2004 Exit Poll Analysis for Novices': " Why should Americans care about possible 2004 vote miscounts? The 2004 election is over. It’s old news. The only reason for rehashing prior elections is to ensure that our votes are counted the way voters intend in the future. Should Americans trust that our votes are counted accurately; or is wholesale electronic election tampering occurring? How could the evidence of vote tampering be hidden? Is the future of democracy and U.S. elections at stake? The U.S. press has dismissed exit polls as surprisingly inaccurate in the 2004 presidential election when exit polls conflicted with official vote counts. Were Exit Polls Wrong or Vote Counts Altered?"

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