Feb. 15, 2006

Abramoff claimed close ties to Rove

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 02/14/2006 | Abramoff claimed close ties to Rove: "Abramoff claimed close ties to Rove White House calls him a 'casual acquaintance' BY JOHN SOLOMON and PETE YOST Associated Presss WASHINGTON — Three former associates of Jack Abramoff said Monday that the now-disgraced lobbyist frequently told them during his lobbying work he had strong ties to the White House through presidential confidant Karl Rove. The White House said Monday that Rove remembers meeting Abramoff at a 1990s political meeting and considered the lobbyist a 'casual acquaintance' since President Bush took office in 2001. New questions have arisen about Abramoff's ties to the White House since a photo emerged over the weekend showing Abramoff with Bush. Three former business associates of Abramoff, who worked with the lobbyist in various roles between 2001 and 2004, said that Abramoff routinely mentioned Rove when talking about his influence inside the White House."

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