Sep. 20, 2007

The Power of Israel in the United States

And unfortunately some of the most extreme nationalist/Zionist agitators are finding the current situation in Iraq, a war long planned for by rabid Zionists and Washington insiders Perle, Fieth, Wolfowitz, Abrams and Libby, whose loyalty to the US must now be questioned*. Petras is has come under harsh attack from Likud-niks in the US, and now their agenda has been picked up by increasingly internet savvy David Horowitz. He has somehow been able to find the funding necessary to pay the fees of a steadily growing list of high-profile right-wing pundits and authors. Now I see the production of extremely high-quality, albeit factually bankrupt, propaganda videos also appearing on a rapidly increasing number of websites, institutes and projects, all separately staffed and yet all apparently owned and paid for by him alone. Some of these disgusting video assaults on the world views of the American public can be found here - <> That particular video has incorporated virtually every myth, lie and exaggeration the Zionist lobby has so painstakingly slipped into our national consciousness. When one sees what they are trying to get away with, it becomes no mystery why he is now attempting to equate America's universities with Marxist recruitment centers. And since most professors honor their mandate to teach the truth and so must also refuse to show his films or teach any of his other revisionist lies, he now openly and frequently equates American academia with Al Queda by naming them as "Islamo-fascist" sympathizers. This man, AIPAC, and a few other of "Gods Chosen" master-race are a very dangerous group indeed. The neocons (or PNAC) are another group whose loyalty seems very suspect indeed. In fact former Under-Secretary Of Defense Analysis Doug Feith is under investigation for his part in the AIPAC spy scandal....Libby was of course involved in the treasonous act of revealing the CIA agent whose husband challenged PNAC by revealing some of the lies used as justification for their long-planned intention to attack Iraq so a FOB could be placed in the ME, thereby securing Israel and the oil profits that would go to Israel's enemies otherwise. Wolfowitz and his fellows at PNAC are the architects of the war. These men, a collection of the most powerful Zionists in America saw an alliance with Cheney as their Pentagon gate-keeper as being the way into the WH where they could put an end to the growing expectations of a "Peace Dividend", money that would come as a result of a military draw-down which they all saw as a threat to their nationalist agendas, capital investments, and indeed to many, their very life's work.

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