Sep. 20, 2007

The Real Threat To America is Fascism From Websites Like the Following

Terrorism Awareness Project I have researched several of the videos here but quit after realizing that 90% of the "facts" I had chosen were themselves bold's that have been debunked numerous times in scholarly peer-reviewed papers. It was clear there was no point in continuing to beat a dead horse. The man is simply a pathological liar! It is for this very reason that I'm thinking that Horowitz felt he needed to launch this attack on higher education. As a liar, he must kill the messenger of inconvenient facts. However, he even goes so far as to try to assert that Nazism is really a left-wing ideology! That's above and beyond the call of duty regarding the smear campaign against academia. Apparently he's uncomfortable with the idea that people might wonder how he could share the same political wing as the man who provided him and his fellows with their best (and only) defense against tough questioning. Zionists have long realized that the Holocaust gives them the power to threaten someone as an "anti-semite". And since everyone hates Hitler, and he was such an an anti-semite, then to hate Zionism must also mean one hates Jews...a logical fallacy, but one that has worked beautifully ever since. So he and his fellows at AIPAC, PNAC, JDL, model their criminal organizations on the "Haganah", a terrorist group that gave rise to the political careers of many of Israels leading politicians and founding "hero's. They all use the epithet with great abandon, naming anyone who dares question their murder of Palestinian civilians. But the internet makes the lies that Israeli war-criminals have gotten away with telling previously now easy to check up on. The previous lack of access to scholarly data or other information made it easy to fool everyone. All that was needed was to control what came to people through the broadcast media. And since they were extremely wary of saying anything that might draw the "anti-semite" bomb from the Jewish right-wing, American's have been deceived about Israel since its inception in 1948. But the threat no longer carries the same weight. It has been reduced to mere "cry wolf" proportions and for the same reason --- overuse. I can only hope that my fellows who care about injustice in the world will now deliver the same retribution to this lot of right-wing zealots as that which became Mussolini and the Nazi's who systematically abused their power. I will personally congratulate anyone who has the sense to see through the Zionist thugs, proceed to go out and hang Horowitz up by his heels, beating him to death in the same manner as the Italians did their right-wing leader, Mussolini, upon realizing what an evil, selfish, cruel, lying hypocritical dog of a non-human being he was when he too somehow talked them all into starting a war based on a belief that their country, their history, and their people alone were the best in the world. Sound familiar? Of course it does. That's precisely how the right-wing fascist comes to power, and that's precisely what all the flag-waving and fear-mongering over foriegners now going on is all about. You are being groomed by the right for a war of world supremacy. If you don't believe it, look at the Project For The New America Century website, then look at who the people are who wrote the documents advocating a "Pax Americana". None other than your present administration! Most of whom are long-standing and unapologetic Zionists. These are the facts. Check them out for yourself. Please!

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